• Do over-the-counter drain cleaners clear a clog? +

    They may clear the clog as a temporary situation, however, they contain very dangerous chemicals that are harmful to children and pets. They also erode pipes, and cause damage that will be needed to be repaired by a professional plumber, like PMC in the future.
  • What causes water discolorations? +

    Water discolorations are cause by a variety of different plumbing problems and/or minerals. Black discoloration comes from iron and magnesium build-up in the water content. Although it may not be dangerous, homeowners can have PMC install water softeners to filter out these minerals. Yellow discolorations may be caused from older galvanized pipes needing to be replaced because of a build-up of rust/iron oxide.
  • How can homeowners prevent their pipes from freezing in the winter? +

    Pipes usually freeze due to lack of insulation or the location of the pipes exposed to the cold. You can simply put blankets or towels with duct tape around the pipe as a quick fix to insulate the exposed pipe. You can also leave your faucet(s) dripping through the night to avoid freezing and keep the water flow moving. As a long-term solution, call PMC for a pipe assessment to insulate the exposed pipes properly.
  • Why do I run out of hot water? +

    You need to maintain your water heater and flush it out yearly to avoid build-up and sediment accumulation. You also need to replace your water heater on average every 10 years. Check the age of your water heater and if you need a replacement, call PMC for a free quote!
  • Why is my water pressure not that good? +

    The reason why your water pressure is not good is due to old rusty pipes. Build-up of rust or iron oxides cause the diameter of the pipe to become smaller, resulting in less water flow. Call PMC to replace your older piping.
  • How can you locate a leak? +

    Leaks occur in various places and are usually not apparent. To locate a leak in a toilet, add food coloring to the tank and wait 1 hour to see if it leaks into the bowl or the floor. Unless it is a visible site of a leak, underground leaks and leaks in pipes not accessible need to be checked by a professional plumber like PMC to locate the specific leak.
  • What causes hot water to develop an odor? +

    When hot water smells foul, it is a combination of bacteria, sulfur, and magnesium in the water. All of these factors need to be present to cause the odor. Call PMC to assist you in killing the bacteria in your pipes.
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